Executing Groovy in ColdFusion

There's plenty of articles on loading Java in CF, but none for Groovy. Here's my guide.

This first piece of code creates a persistent class loader (in Application.cfc/onApplicationStart):

	application.groovyClassLoader = createObject("java", "groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader").init();
	l = directoryList(expandPath("lib"));
	for (i = 0; i < l.size(); i++) {

The second is a function to load & instantiate Groovy classes:

	function loadGroovyFile(groovyFile) {
		fl = CreateObject("java", "java.io.File").Init(JavaCast("String", groovyFile));
		return application.groovyClassLoader.parseClass(fl).newInstance();

You'll need to copy the groovy-all jar into CF's lib directory (/usr/local/coldfusion/lib) and restart CF so that it's aware of it.

Next, a Groovy class (HelloWorld.groovy):

class HelloWorld {
    String sayHello() {
        return "Hello World!"

Finally you can create a .cfm page (e.g. HelloWorld.cfm):

<cfset hw = loadGroovyFile("HelloWorld.groovy")>


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