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REST - Resource Association vs Resource Aggregation Oct 30

Imagine you're creating an API for ordering meals in restaurant. You have an API that allows to you create a meal, and then add starters to it:

POST /meals
HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Location: /meals/1
POST /meals/1/starters
{"option": "soup"}

API Simulation + Contact Testing = Happiness Oct 9

You're building a new micro-service. You've got a number of other services you depend on, both internal to your organisation and external. You've been ask to do end to end testing, but you're finding it very time-consuming. It's proving very costly...

Developing With Docker - Building Patterns Mar 20

This is my 4th post on developing with Docker. In this post deals with some common ways you can build Docker images.

I'm going to assuming you've already packaged your application (e.g. into a JAR).

There are several choices: scratch + binary,

Event Sourcing vs CRUD Mar 13

In this article, I'm going to talk about practical challenges when building a platform using Event Sourcing.

I've spend part of the last year developing a platform that uses Event Sourcing (ES) as a key part of state storage mechanic. Event Sourcing...

Ansible Shell Module Mar 4

I've been using Ansible at work for sometime now. It has a number of great built-in modules. However, for some tasks, there is no available module. You could write your own, but it's often simpler to use the shell module to achieve you goal. One difference...

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