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Madrid Apr 17

Some notes from a recent holiday in Madrid.

We stayed at Room Mate Oscar. It was central, had a great roof bar (Ibiza style), but found it quite noisy at night (due to the roof bar).

We went to all the main places, the highlights were:

  • Retiro...

Continuous Delivery With Kubernetes, Docker, and CircleCI Mar 6

In this article I'll walk you through my experience setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline using (mostly) open and free tools.

I've spent a lot less time writing code over the last year, and decided to create a small side-project to keep my Kubernetes

Taking Control Of Your Data With Your Own Personal Private Cloud Feb 4

I opened my emails to see how long I had been using Gmail, and found the very first email I sent as long ago as 2014:


I then used Gmail with abandon - but it's clear perhaps I should have stuck with my first instincts.

But didn't I? It was free...

Message Diagrams Nov 26

I've developed a new diagram that I think it much better at communicating how the messages in a system flow between components. I've used sequence diagrams for this in the past, but I've always found a number of problems with them.

  • They have a...

REST - Resource Association vs Resource Aggregation Oct 30

Imagine you're creating an API for ordering meals in restaurant. You have an API that allows to you create a meal, and then add starters to it:

POST /meals
HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Location: /meals/1
POST /meals/1/starters
{"option": "soup"}

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