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5 Tips For Using Lombok In Production May 28

I was reminded the other day about the excellent Project Lombok. If you're not familiar with this tool, it helps reduce boilerplate AND testing. You annotate your Java source code with some special annotations, and it generates code based for you....

Madrid Apr 17

Some notes from a recent holiday in Madrid.

We stayed at Room Mate Oscar. It was central, had a great roof bar (Ibiza style), but found it quite noisy at night (due to the roof bar).

We went to all the main places, the highlights were:

  • Retiro...

Continuous Delivery With Kubernetes, Docker, and CircleCI Mar 6

In this article I'll walk you through my experience setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline using (mostly) open and free tools.

I've spent a lot less time writing code over the last year, and decided to create a small side-project to keep my Kubernetes

Taking Control Of Your Data With Your Own Personal Private Cloud Feb 4

I opened my emails to see how long I had been using Gmail, and found the very first email I sent as long ago as 2014:


I then used Gmail with abandon - but it's clear perhaps I should have stuck with my first instincts.

But didn't I? It was free...

Message Diagrams Nov 26

I've developed a new diagram that I think it much better at communicating how the messages in a system flow between components. I've used sequence diagrams for this in the past, but I've always found a number of problems with them.

  • They have a...

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