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Ansible Shell Module Mar 4

I've been using Ansible at work for sometime now. It has a number of great built-in modules. However, for some tasks, there is no available module. You could write your own, but it's often simpler to use the shell module to achieve you goal. One difference...

Developing With Docker - Debugging Containerized Micro-services Mar 3

This is my third post in a series on developing with Docker. If you're developing micro-services, there's a very good chance you are if you're using Docker, then you probably have a number of them communicating over TCP (or maybe UDP). This technique...

Developing With Docker - The Debug Container Dec 9

One technique that's proven to be useful over and over again when working with Docker is a Debug Container. The debug container isn't a proper application, nor is it a one off job. It's simply used for debugging problems.

Lets have a look at a common...

Developing With Docker - Using A Proxy Container To Make Development Easier Nov 28

I've been working with Docker a lot recently. I've started to find issuess when working with several containers. In this post I will show you a solution to the problem of developing containers that expose the same port, with what I call a proxy container

Practical Java Domain Specific Language Tutorial Sep 19

This tutorial will teach you how to create a Domain Special Language (DSL) for testing web pages. you'll be taking the canonical Selenium WebDriver hello world – searching using Google, and use it to write a DSL.

You'll need to be familiar with Java...

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