VirtualBox Java API v1 Released, v2 Roadmap

I've decided today that I'm not going to pack any more features into v1. It's got everything I want at the moment and I'm not finding any more bugs.

Just a quick overview of the features of v1:

  • The ability to create VirtualBoxes from templates.
  • Provision those boxes with software.
  • Integration with Ant and Maven.

Version 1 can be found on GitHub as can the documentation.

V2 Roadmap

In v2 I'm planning on two neat new features, patches and estates. You can track the tickets on GitHub. As this is version 2, you can expect some API breaking changes :)


The ability to take a template and apply parameterised patches to it to produce a box, or several similar boxes Potentially this will make it much easier to create boxes from templates and greatly simplify the process. For example:

<Profile template="CentOS_6_3">
<Patch name="Hostname" args="hostname=app1"/>
<Patch name="Tomcat6"/>


<Profile template="CentOS_6_3">
<Patch name="Hostname" args="hostname=app1"/>
--- a/floppy0/
+++ b/floppy0/
@@ -7,8 +7,4 @@ mount /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom
 umount /dev/sr0
 rm -R /media/cdrom
-yum -y install tomcat6
-chkconfig tomcat6 on
 poweroff now

This will allow you to upgrade your OS, and potentially use the same patches (at least by name) to get the same outcome.


Currently you can only create single box at a time, or a several, effectively independent boxes. This change will create a group of machines into a single environment (or estate) and a single click, and low configuring and management of boxes as a group.


  1. Unified Static Content Compressor
  2. Script Plugin for Maven now in Maven Central
  3. Script Plugin for Maven
  4. Fun with Maven and VirtualBox
  5. Maven VBox Plugin